Our Vision

A society with deeply embedded cultural norms of animal welfare, environmental education and biodiversity conservation.

Our Mission

To promote the welfare of humans, animals, the environment by ending human wildlife conflicts.  We believe in being the voice for animals and the environment by recognizing the bond between the animals and human beings and creating a compassionate and harmonious culture of all living beings. We also aim to help communities adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects.

Our Programmes

Sow Stalls

Research that focusing on how pigs are kept in stalls. Sows are in prison without committing a criminal offence. This research will lead to advocacy and campaigns against use of sow stalls in piggeries. This programme is supported by CAAWO.

Birds Need Freedom

With support from Open Wing Alliance, SAWCT is engaged a the campaign against use of eggs and products from caged hens. Through meetings with corporations and chicken farms, we have secured commitments from KFC and Holiday Inn. We hope our next commitment will be from Nandos.

Plant-Based Diet

Working with primary and secondary schools, Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservancy Trust (SAWCT) provides education on vegan diets, Emphasis is placed on human health, the environment and animal welfare. A vegan diet is the solution needed to have liberated animals. We plan to introduce meatless Wednesdays in schools and communities. The programme has the theme: a healthy human, a healthy environment and a happy animal.

Human Animal Environment Harmony

Human wildlife conflict is one of the greatest challenges that leads to loss of both human and animal life. SAWCT uses non lethal ways to prevent elephants and predators from destroying property and crops. Communities are being taught of how they can live in harmony with wildlife. Animals need to live in their natural habitats and should not be trafficked alive or as horns and tusks. Communities should also benefit from natural resources hence SAWCT encourages photographic safaris via local partnerships. Communities are encouraged to live in harmony with the environment, protect biodiversity, and mitigate climate change. Other programmes include healthy eating and living to save the plannet. Anti-poaching units are on our roadmap.

Conservation Education

Train our youth the be responsible and nurture their compassion for the environment and other living species. It’s important for them to understand that the environment is their home and wildlife species are their friendly neighbours from a young age. We achieve this through: setting up a youth ranger programme, school animal welfare clubs, nature walks, and weekend camps. Conservation has been occurring and must continue using modern and traditional ways, both of which young people learning through this programme.

Animal Welfare at University

All students studying aninal science in tertiary education should understand the need for animal welfare and appreciate it in their day to day work. We are advocating for all universities to included animal welfare in their curriculum. Working with Lupane State University, we are current achieving just that. This programme is supported by Vets United.

Community Education

Community education focuses mostly on how communities can make a difference in the lives of both terrestrial and aquactic animals and how animal welfare can contribute to sustainability and development of the nation. Communities should understand how they can influence change in policy to promote the best treatment of animals. Our education programme is broad as it covers the use of antibiotics in connection with one health and also incorporates one welfare. Policy makers are also educated and encouraged to be good advocates.

About Us

Founded in and registered as a Trust in Zimbabwe in 2018, Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservancy Trust (SAWCT) is an animal welfare, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation, and climate mitigation organisation. Animal welfare is the core of our programming; all rights are essential for humans and non humans. It was formed after realising the need to bridge the gap between humans, the environment and animals.  Using one health concept approach, we introduce strategies and systems to attend to possible eventualities through campaigns, education and practical interventions such as vaccinations. Environmental focus is on safeguarding biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and those most vulnerable, being women, children, people with disabilities, and those from poor communities. SAWCT believes maintaining coexistence and peace amongst species and living healthy sustainable lifestyles are the only ways to save humans and animal and plant species. Sibanye operates in Zimbabwe.

Our Team


Alfred Sihwa – Director

Alfred Sihwa works for nature survival, he loves his environment, the animals and the human beings. He is an activist for Animals. He also wants to see human beings treated with dignity with proper human rights. He has passion for all animals. He sits on Coalition for African Animal Welfare Organizations (CAAWO) advisory board, the chairperson for Lupane Youth for Development Trust. Saving as the founding Director for Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservancy Trust. He is an animal welfare activist that is passionate about changing society’s perception and treatment of animals. A member of the Open Wing Alliance regional representative.

Thembelihle Mhlanga – Gender and Community Officer

A media professional and having served in various Media platforms. An environment and Conservation activist Currently being Gender and Community officer for Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservancy Trust, Also Participated in the Community Podium production of a Documentary on Human and wildlife conflict.

Progress Mutape – Coordinator

Being on a mission to make sure that animals live a better life and are given their freedom, Progress has been working with SAWCT as a cage free campaigns officer and programmes officer. She has volunteered as African Leader in Yum Brands Campaign,A campaign that aimed at having Coporates committing to stopping the use of caged birds products and is Board Member for Nurture Imvelo Trust an animal welfare organization in Zimbabwe. She has done a research in finding out the level of use of cages in egg production in Zimbabwe as a way of understanding what communities and farmers understand on bird caging. She has worked as a teacher in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Sudan.

Bhekumusa Masango – Intern

An environment and conservation activist, student intern working with Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservation Trust helping in capacity building programs on Environmental conservation and natural resources management done by the organisation in the lupane District.


Goodhope Ruswa – Chair

Goodhope Ruswa is a Zimbabwean academic and development practitioner. He has over twenty years experience in the development sector with wide ranging expertise which includes humanitarian assistance, human rights monitoring and natural resources governance. A holder of an honours degree in sociology, Goodhope has Masters degrees in Development Management and Development Studies. He is currently studying for a doctorate in development studies and his research focus is on women’s land rights in communal areas. Goodhope is a livestock enthusiast and his interests are in protecting, conserving and safeguarding locally bred animals.

Mandla Gqamlana – Fundraising

Mandla is an animal welfare activist that is passionate about changing society’s perception and treatment of animals. He currently serves as the Programmes Director at the Coalition of African Animal Welfare Organisations and a member of the Open Wing Alliance Advisory Committee. He was previously attached to the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute and the South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust.

Sanele Ndlovu – Programmes

Being the Founder of Nurture Imvelo Trust, a youth organization based in Zimbabwe ,Sanele Ndlovu is a woman driven by the love for animals. Volunteering in SAWCT as Board and part of the staff member, she wishes youths and women could be empowered, theough animal welfare education to improve their compassion, participation and animal care in communities. She is responsible for gender and programmes.

Alfred Sihwa – Director

Johnson Lymio – Vice Chair

Johnson Lyimo is Founder and President of Meru Animal Welfare Organization based in Usa River, Arusha in Tanzania. He has 10 years extensive experience working in the field of animal welfare in Tanzania. Johnson is on the Advisory Committee for the Coalition for African Animal Welfare Organizations based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is also a Tanzanian representative for the International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA), an NGO affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information and the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Godwin Phiri – Spokesperson

Godwin Phiri is a seasoned professional with considerable experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer of Fairtalk Communications the holding company for Skyz Metro FM in Bulawayo and Breeze FM in Victoria Falls. He has previously held senior positions in Non-governmental organisation including being the Secretary General of the National Association of Non- Governmental Organisations (NANGO) in addition to being the Chairperson of the Western Region of the same organisation. He has also served as a member of the Policy Advisory Board of the Danish Association for International Cooperation (Zimbabwe Program). He is a previous winner of the MegaFest Outstanding Business Personality of the Year in the Southern Region.

Linda Madsuze – Legal Advice

Linda Masudze is an Environmental and human rights Lawyer. She also graduated in the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung class of 2019. She is a holder of a bachelor of Law Honors degree from the University of Zimbabwe and currently she is pursuing a Masters in Animal Law with the University of Lewis and Clark. Her interests are in Environmental law, Animal law, Natural Resource governance and Human rights. She is also interested in contributing towards sustainable development goals. Currently she serves as the Legal Officer at the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Headquarters in Harare.

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